Please find bellow a list of software or web application having functionalities, based on physics, which can be helpful to design or simulate the sound of musical instrument. If you find some mistakes or if a software is missing, please contact us.

Wind instruments

  • ArTool (C++, last update 2013) The ART command line tool provides a simple and quick interface for calculating the impedance of musical instruments (authors: Braden, Kausel, Chadefaux, Chatziioannou, Siddiq, Geyer)
  • Demakein (open source in Python 2, last update 2014): A python library and command line tool for optimizing the parameters of wind instruments such as bore dimensions and hole placement and size for a given set of fingerings, and for generating STL files for 3D printing or CNC. The acoustic model is based on finding the resonant frequencies of a tree structure of tubes. Includes classes for various flutes, whistles, and reed instruments that the author has made.
  • Eolys: (Matlab / C++, last update: 2013) Digital Waveguides simulation of brass. (Mignot, Hélie, Matignon)
  • Modalys (last update 2021) Modalys is IRCAM’s flagship physical model-based sound synthesis environment, used to create virtual instruments from elementary physical objects such as strings, plates, tubes, membranes, plectra, bows, or hammers.
  • MoReeSC (open-source in python, last update: 2016) Modal Resonator – Reed Interaction Simulation Code (authors: F. Silva, J. Kergomard, P. Guillemain). An application for the calculations of the auto-oscillations in wind instruments, designed originally for single reed instruments but it can be used for brass too. It takes advantage of a modal decomposition of the acoustic pressure field in the bore, or of its input impedance, to let you compute the sound of any strangely-shaped instrument.
  • NESS brass (C, last update: 2015) Finite Difference Time Domain simulation of brass instruments. Publication. (authors: Harrison, Bilbao ,Perry)
  • Organteq: Real time implementation of physics-based models for organ pipes. Last update: 2021.
  • oscilos_brass acoustic solver for predicting the natural modes of brass wind instruments from their geometry. last update: 2021
  • Pafi-vent (access limited to trained people, last update: 2013) toolbox assisting instrument makers, owned by Itemm
  • Resonans : Impedance computation
  • STK: (open-source toolbox in C++, last update: 2019) The Synthesis ToolKit (Gary Scavone). Audio signal processing and algorithmic synthesis classes written in the C++ programming language
  • TUTT (free software, last update 2007) Predict the pitch of wind instrument from its geometry and the type of embouchure. (author: B.B. Ninob)
  • WIAT: (open-source, python, last update: 2008) The Wind Instrument Acoustic Toolkit software environment is a package of computer programs written in the Python language, useful for researchers in wind instrument musical acoustic and eventually for the wind instrument designer. Authors: Antoine Lebfevre, G. Goudou, G. Scavone

One instrument

  • DidgMO (web app, Last update 2015) Impedance of Didgeridoo (Hanspeter Portner)
  • didgedit (web app, last update unknown) Impedance of Didgeridoo
  • Flutomat (web app, last update unknown) Flute Design Tool based on the work of Pete Kosel
    • Naflutomat (web app, last update unknown) Adaptation of “Flutomat” for Native American Flute
    • Whistle-Calculator (web app, last update unknown) Adaptation of “Flutomat” for Whistle
  • (web app, last update unknown) compute holes dimension of whistle

String instruments

  • Pafi-cordes (access limited to supervised people, last update: 2017) toolbox assisting instrument makers, owned by Itemm
  • Montjoie: Physics-based model and simulation of a grand piano.
  • Maesstro: Modélisations Acoustiques, Expérimentations et Synthèse Sonore pour Tables d’haRmonie de pianO
  • Pianoteq: Real time implementation of physics-based models for pianos and strucked or plucked strucutres. Last update: 2021.


Useful tools to study musical instruments

  • PyPHS : A Python software (Py) dedicated to the simulation of multi-physical Port-Hamiltonian Systems (PHS) described by graph structures. (Falaize)
  • HarmBal (Command line, C, last update 2006) Computation of periodic solutions by the harmonic-balance method (LMA: Snorre Farner, Christophe Vergez, Jean Kergomard)
  • MANLAB (Matlab, last update 2019) package for interactive continuation and bifurcation analysis of non linear systems (LMA)

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